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Founded in Nov 2023, Dice Versa is hoping to become your favorite destination for board games, drinks and food.

At Dice Versa, we're all about board games, and we're here to serve the community of Rochester. As a lifelong enthusiast and gamer, our owner Riley is especially passionate about teaching newcomers the ropes in the world's most beloved games. Offering up a unique mixture of classics and new favorites, we're proud to be Rochester's only board game lounge. Whether you're here for the food, drinks or the games, our friendly staff is ready to help you make this your second home.

How it works

Our board game fee is $8 per player (kids 12 and under play for free)

This will get you all you can play for as many games as you want while you're here

*Fridays and Saturdays are subject to a 3 hour limit 

Our staff are trained in many of the games and can both recommend and teach a game if need be. So don't be afraid to ask us for help with one of the games.

We also sell punch cards to use or give as a gift: $30 will get you 5 free game sessions when you or a group come in


Our selection of food is meant to be nibbled on or used to fuel even the longest board game sessions. We also have a full bar with variety of cocktails, canned beverages and our one of a kind Potion Shop where you roll a D20 for a chance at 20 unique shots. Not one for Alcohol? We also have a variety of non-alcoholic options including mocktails, bubble tea, and more!

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